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“All it will need is a little paint and paper.”

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This is the famous mantra of the family clan – three generations of designers whose passion for renovating and decorating homes moved from hobby to successful businesses. As a future designer, I had the ultimate classroom. I was privileged to grow up with a mother who designed and decorated beautiful homes with the most elegant taste. More importantly, I saw how my mother was able to work with her clients to reflect their personal style and make an often-intimidating process collaborative and fun. It is my goal to uphold those values with every client.

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“I like creating casual spaces that welcome you to come sit down – sophisticated but not formal.”

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Photography & Art

Chose any photo from posted pictures, or hire to do your own photographs with McAvoy Photography. I believe that art on a large scale makes the most impact. If you have any questions please contact us.


Imagine Design is happy to offer specialized lighting and furniture from unique vendors throughout the country such as Currey & Company, Noir Furniture, Lee Industries and Visual Comfort.

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“I’ve worked with Liz over several years to do multiple rooms in my house (and that alone is a testament to her patience!). Liz has a gentle, elegant, professional but fun approach to interior design. In my case, I’m especially appreciative that she’s been conscious of tight budgets—offering many options, making solid recommendations about prioritization, being willing to repurpose pieces that we already have, and sharing a vision for possible future phases. She has an amazing ability to bring my (and my family’s) needs and personalities into her design– resulting in beautiful spaces that are unique and functional”.


“Liz is nothing short of amazing. She is an expert at proportion and balance. She defines and gives new life to a room by introducing a beautiful mix of fabrics.”


“Liz transformed my home by creating a modern elegance in every room she touched. Liz brought gracefulness and continuity, yet every room remains livable and reflects how my four children, husband and I use it”.


“As a custom builder nothing saddens me more than when a project is not complimented by the furnishings and selections after we have finished. Enter Liz. She has worked with us and for clients on several high-end projects. When I return to a project several months after completion, I see how she stays true to the project and further enhances the architectural elements. Her use of color, material, and scale was perfect. She will add value and livability to your existing home or new project with a distinctive style that all great spaces deserve.”

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